7 Things That Are Slowing Your Process

I want to talk to you about how we slow down our natural process of growth. Here are some things that have definitely been slowing me down on my journey. Here is what I can make of it so far. Hopefully, you can relate to some of them.

This is all based on my personal experience and from a recollection of advice from Personal-Growth gurus. Let us being!

Here are 7 Things That Are Slowing Your Process

Ease the grip on that pride

It is good to have pride, gives us confidence, and a sense of worth about our self-image. The only problem with pride is that too much pride can lead to overconfidence. Which can make us do some rather dumb things like going into business alone or quitting your day job to make a living off the internet with no real plan (thank you brain!). Another thing about pride is, we shouldn’t let it overshadow our humility.

Do you ever feel like the world doesn’t understand you or that you never listened to advise, We think we are special and that we are and unique snowflake with unique problems? Well, you are and also you’re not. Join the line buddy! everybody is trying to get theirs as well. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strive for your individuality, our for your dreams for that matter, it’s true that everyone has their own unique and special talents. What you must know is that it doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, if you are talented or not; everybody must sacrifice something and work hard to make it in this world. Your problems are not more special than anyone else. Even if they are, Would you spend your entire life crying about it?

In a world inhabited by 7.6 Billion People, it’s hard to think that you are the one. The one that the world and all the universe revolves around.

What does this mean? Just one thing; Everybody is sharing this planet! All working as hard as they to make some sense of it all. The wiser ones know that this world is cruel and a single person can’t change it. Be useful, Get what you need, find someone to love, Don’t cause too much trouble to others, stand for what you believe in and try to adapt to this world as best as you can. Just like everyone else.

Don’t be Naive

Don’t believe that people will always be fair, the world is not fair. The world won’t think twice to bring you to your knees, stand up! Defend what you love. Always fight fire with fire, don’t waste your compassion on evil people; They wouldn’t waste it on your or anyone for that matter. Focus your efforts on something that is worthwhile protecting. If you want something you must work hard for it, some will be offended by it and some will be all up for it. know how to distinguish the two and get efficient at it.

A small detour to your new life

The high road to your new life is hard to find! Don’t be afraid to take a small detour, but don’t make it a habit. Some of us have the bad habit of taking to many detours in life. There are many factors involved in this: fear of failure, lack of faith, insecurity, fear of change, overattachment to your values and identity. If you feel constantly in a loop on an eternal deja-vu, I feel for you!. You must try and reach for what’s at the end of that tunnel men! It’s calling for you. Make a plan, get rid of everything standing in your way, stay on the line, and don’t look back.

Take the risk

Boy, that wave sure looks daunting!
If you don’t risk it you will never know, most people can’t figure out how professionals are so good at what they do, They figure they are special somehow. How can they do such an amazing thing, I could never! They must be special somehow. The truth is they started just like you; not knowing anything and scared, with only a small flame of desire driving them forward to that first step. You can do it too, anyone can. First, you must gather the courage to ignore your excuses and take that risk. The major culprit here is the obsession with security – I need this first, I must gather this money first, I have to practice more, I don’t want to make a fool of myself, I need a safety net.

Change your environment

We are constantly being conditioned by what is on our immediate environment. If you have an idea of who you want to be, you must nourish that, Your job is to find people and environments that enable your best qualities, people who you know have your best interest in mind; who you can trust and be secure around. People who have a complete polar opposite view of the world, you must stay away from them, no good. Who is fanning your flames and making them grow and who are trying to extinguish them.

Think smaller

It’s important to look at the big picture, just don’t get too lost in it. Much like looking directly at the sun, it will overwhelm your eyes and temporarily blinds you leaving you disoriented. It’s important to know that the sun is there shining on all of us, but there’s no need to stare directly into it.

Keep your goals big and your actions small. It’s good to have a big goal and high standards, just remember that a big goal is divided into a million small actions. Like a jigsaw puzzle, The game is putting all the smaller pieces together to see the complete picture.

Stay consistent or at least don’t give up so soon

If you ask any successful person, What is the secret to your success? They will give you one or two answers. Hard work and consistency. If they all have an answer similar to that, there must be something there, right? If there is a single formula for success: is to consistently focus on what you want to develop until you achieve the desired outcome or at least something close to that.

A plant doesn’t grow overnight; you must water it and make sure it gets enough sunlight. just like our goals, we must stay consistent if not they wither and die, yeah I know! There’s some getting used to, But damn… It feels good to watch them as they grow.

If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading. – Lao Tzu

Have some faith

You have to believe in something, could be fate, karma or as simple as your will to survive. believe that you can do it, believe that ‘one day’ things will go your way and that you will end up somewhere better. Nobody can tell the future or where will we end up, but one thing is for sure; you can have much more fun going after your dreams than being scared of them all your life.

Enjoy the process and make fun and meaningful.

Leave your own mark in the world, follow what moves you, and take control of your life. Stop driving on the back seat, Take the driver’s seat and grab the handle, follow the guide sings and don’t let yourself be distracted by flashy billboards, get your favorite tunes going and get yourself where you want.


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